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Thursday, January 15, 2015
Officer Nominations
It's that time of year! Nominations for 2015-2016 Board of Officers

Nominees for Chapter #834 are:

Joyce Krueger--Senior Regent
Christine Miller--Junior Regent
Robbin Strain--Recorder
Debbie Himes--Secretary/Treasurer

Voting will be the last meeting in March for WOTM and the first week of April for LOOM.
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  • 03/19/2015 Walk MS
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Administrator's Message
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From the desk of the Administrator: 3-13-15

What are some of the happenings or going on(s) that are occurring:

The Legion has been trying for a more apparent appearance in the Lodge and are looking for support from our members. How you ask?

The Legion has a monthly mystery prize raffle. February's winner was D. Milburn, make that Doug M. (we try not to give full names) who was the recipient of a round of golf. Come on down and help support the Legion by getting involved in the raffle.

Another Legion fund raising idea is new in the Lodge. Check out the 3 variety hot drink machine in the coffee room. Hot chocolate or French Vanilla or blended espresso (?). What is the cost you ask; come down and purchase and enjoy a game of darts or pool while sipping that hot beverage.

What else is the Legion trying; hmm, every Saturday a different Legionnaire is providing a low cost simple self serve meal for those to enjoy on a first come first self serve basis. (Note: this will not happen when we have a regular or special event function that Saturday)

Gary Gentry
Governor's Message
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Senior Regent's Message
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Recorder's Message
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